nurse manager sitting with home health nurse discussing tasks

Build Your Nursing Skills with the Vent Academy

At American Critical Care Services, we staff high tech adult and pediatric patients in our home health division. We do have a Vent Academy where we train nurses to take care of patients that have a trach and that are on a vent.

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Be Prepared In An Emergency

Already have experience with trach patients?  Maybe you just need a trach review.  We can take you through an hour-long segment in the lab on trach emergencies.  The teaching includes how to respond in the event that you’re alone with a patient with a trach and an emergency arises with that trach.  For example: the trach comes out and you can’t get it back in.

If you are a nurse and have not had vent experience, but you do have trach experience, we can train you in the care of ventilator-assisted adult and pediatric patients.

Our Commitment To Excellence

ACCS is committed to our nurses. Providing our nurses with the resources they need to thrive on the job is a priority. We’d love to talk with you and explain more about our Vent Academy. If you have a desire to increase your skill level, give us a call, and we will take you down that path.

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