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Finding a Registered Nurse Career That Balances Work and Family

As all working parents know, balancing work and family can be a precarious act. This can become even more challenging when you have a demanding job like nursing. While nursing can be a difficult and time-consuming job, one of the benefits is the variety of positions, specialties, and work locations it offers. There is a way to have a successful registered nurse career and still have more time for your family.

Doctor’s Office

Many RNs who are trying to balance career and family find working in a doctor’s office is the best career path for them. Doctor’s offices generally have set hours that coincide with the traditional work week. This makes it easier for working mothers and fathers to find reliable childcare and also allows them time to spend with their children. Many RNs also decide to take the next step and become a nurse practitioner. In several U.S. states, nurse practitioners are able set up their own private practice.

Research and Education

Careers in research and education are also available for nurses. Much like a doctor’s office, these careers follow a more traditional time schedule, which is helpful when balancing a family and work. Initially, these careers may require going back to school or applying for extra certification, but the benefits are worth it in the long run.

Home Health Care

Nursing careers can create a positive impact for the patients and families they touch, leaving a lasting impression. One of those nursing specialties is home health care. Many nurses find home health care a rewarding career that allows them to work passionately in a different atmosphere other than a hospital or clinic. Home health nursing provides more flexible scheduling, allowing nurses to work as little or as much as they choose. It is also a great environment for when you want to focus on specializing your skills.

Part-time Work

If it is financially feasible, look into part-time work. With nurses in high demand, many companies offer part-time positions for their nurses. Working fewer hours every day or fewer days in a week are also options.

Per Diem Jobs

Working per diem jobs is also a wonderful way to work flexibility into your schedule. Many offices, clinics, and hospitals will offer per diem work for several days or weeks. Per diem work allows nurses to take more control of their schedule and decide when and where they want to work.

Evaluate Your Registered Nurse Career

It is possible to work a non-traditional schedule and raise a family. Thousands of nurses do it every day. The key to achieve this balance is to have a family plan in place with reliable support. Many nurses enjoy the non-traditional schedule as it allows them longer time off in between shifts. Nurses should evaluate their strengths and weaknesses when deciding on a career path, and take an honest look at what will work specifically for their families.