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Five Nursing Opportunities You Should Consider


Nursing is a wide and varied profession full of different specialties and career opportunities. If you are already a successful nurse and are looking to branch out or advance your career, these are five nursing opportunities you should consider.

1. Nurse Practitioner

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a nurse practitioner but never seriously considered it. Now’s the time to take a second look. A nurse practitioner usually works in a family practice but can work in a number of different environments. In some states, they can even open up their own private practice.This is a growing field and the demand for nurse practitioners is high. Nurse Practitioners must have a BSN and MSN and be licensed/certified in their state, so you are already halfway there in the process! If you’re looking to progress, consider becoming a nurse practitioner.

2. Health Policy Nurse

Looking for something that involves more administration? Think about  becoming a health policy nurse. A health policy nurse helps patients navigate the legalities of patient care. Specifically within this field, you may check into being a nurse advocate or a nurse attorney. A nurse attorney is exactly what it sounds like, a nurse who is also an attorney. To become a nurse attorney you must have a degree in nursing and a law degree (Juris Doctor). For a nurse who is passionate about patient rights and wishes to apply their nursing expertise protecting their patients in legal cases, this may be the perfect career.

3. Nurse Educator

Do you want to help prepare the next generation of nurses? Nurse educators are required to be RNs and most have an advanced degree that is either an MS in Nursing or an M.Ed. With more college students looking to major in nursing, nurse educator positions are in high demand. Nurse educators can also use their experience to conduct professional development classes.

4. Nurse Manager

If you’re looking for a little change but want to to stay in your current environment, you may want to become a nurse manager. Nurse manager opportunities are growing in number and offer a competitive salary. You would not only utilize both your nursing skills but also your exercise management skills by leading a staff of nurses. Most of a nurse manager’s time is spent on recruiting and managing staff with a small percentage of time spent conducting hands-on patient care.


5. Nurse Anesthetist

While becoming a nurse anesthetist requires multiple degrees and certifications, it is one of the highest paying nursing jobs in any location. This is a very high tech position which garners respect from many in the medical field due to its complex nature. A nurse anesthetist conducts pre-op and post-op physical assessments and assists with anesthesia needs for surgery and labor and delivery. Nurse anesthetists can work in any setting that delivers anesthesia and are often the primary source of anesthesia in rural areas. If considering this field, it may help you to obtain the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ (AANA) certification as it is employed by nearly 90% of the workforce.

All nursing jobs come with unique opportunities as well as challenges. Nurses should choose the field that works best for them personally and professionally. Don’t forget to consider how much flexibility you will or won’t have in the positions you apply for.

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