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The Five Best Nursing Careers That Give You Flexibility

There are hundreds of career possibilities available within the nursing profession. How do you choose? The deciding factor will largely be determined by your own preference, level of education, and your experience. Here are the five best nursing careers for someone who wants a good salary, opportunity for advancement, and flexibility.

1. Critical Care Nurse

Critical care nurses rank high because of the variety, flexibility, and opportunity for growth. They provide care for patients who are in life-threatening situations. This career path requires stamina and the ability to quickly assess situations and respond accurately. Many RNs begin their careers as a traditional nurse and later transition to critical care. While being a critical care nurse can be difficult, there are many job opportunities in this field and room for advancement. In addition, it can be incredibly rewarding to work in this high-pressure environment.

2. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

Gerontological nurse practitioners work with elderly patients. They provide care which includes making diagnoses and prescribing medication. GNPs can work in clinics, nursing homes, or hospitals. Becoming a gerontological nurse practitioner allows you to work in the atmosphere you prefer. GNP positions also offer competitive salaries.

3. Surgical Nurse

While being a surgical nurse requires certain specialties, it is a growing field and nurses in this field are in high demand. Surgical nurses provide support before, during, and after surgery. Surgical nurses are one of the highest paid nursing positions, but the position also requires special training and experience.

4. Trauma Nurse

Being a trauma nurse can be highly stressful, but uniquely rewarding. Trauma nurses are another nursing specialty that is in high demand. They deal with patients mainly in the emergency room. Many times the patients are in a life-threatening situation. Salaries for trauma nurses vary according to location.

5. Travel Nurse

The travel nursing field is a growing field for nursing and is perfect for the nurse that wants flexibility and a change of scenery. Travel nurses can fill in at a hospital, clinic, or private practice from anywhere from a few weeks to several months. They visit many different areas of the country and are usually compensated in addition to salary with living expenses and other benefits.

Deciding the Best Nursing Career for You

In the ever-growing field of nursing, there are a myriad of fields in which to specialize. After serving as a traditional nurse, many nurses will find specific areas in which to specialize. Specialization is a great way to diversify and extend a nursing career. Consider what is important to you and your family and decide which nursing career is best for you.

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