American Critical Care Services

“Nurturing relationships in healthcare with a faith-based perspective as a local Woman/Nurse owned and operated business.”


With the entrepreneurial vision of Carolyn McCrocklin, RN, an ICU nurse at a local hospital, recognized a need for supplemental nurse staffing. With courage, perseverance, and a lot of hard work, ACCS was born. To make a long story short, ACCS has been serving its community with excellence in nursing ever since. ACCS has been a nurse owned and woman owned company since inception and is still going strong in 2022.

Today, Dr. McCrocklin continues to model her company with impenetrable integrity and energy. She has always been sound in her conviction to practice excellence in every initiative she undertakes. She is an experienced and robust nurse leader with an eye for best practices.

In an ever changing healthcare landscape, ACCS has had to pivot and adjust. One thing that continues to ring true, is our steadfast commitment to operate with the core mission to provide the highest quality, best healthcare professionals possible to those who need them. In today’s healthcare environment, it takes a village as well as home-grown local experts with an unwavering commitment to their community to face daily challenges head on. That is what sets ACCS apart from the rest.

Over the years, ACCS has certainly left its mark as one of the oldest and most trusted staffing companies serving the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The ACCS team of experts has always and continues to be wholly and thoroughly committed to every client, every facility, and every healthcare professional in the past, in the present and in the future. No matter the situation that you may find yourself in, or the place you want to go, ACCS can help get you get to the exact spot where you want to be.



Director of Clinical Operations


My nursing journey began in 1995 as a new graduate RN. Since then, my career has included many important experiences. One over-reaching theme that continues to excite me is being able to help children and their families get the care and information they need to achieve their best life possible through education and knowledge building. I strive to be a resource to all families and to assist folks who may have special situations that require extra coordination. The authorization process and onboarding for private duty nursing can be tedious and complex and I’m here to get it right for each and every step of your journey.


Hospital and Facility
Coordinator & Recruiter


American Critical Care Services is not just a place I work, its my family. Working in the hospital staffing division for the past 14 years, I’ve established close relationships in all the facilities we service. I am highly motivated to interview and place nurses knowing that the facilities will have cream of the crop nurses. I really love hearing the feedback from the hospitals where our excellent nurses give their best to care for their patients.


Home Health
Staffing Coordinator


I’ve been staffing at ACCS for 15 years. Building relationships with our clients and their families is my number one priority. Knowing their everyday lives are improved by meeting their staffing needs is very fulfilling to me. Part of my position also includes answering ACCS’ 24/7 on-call service line for both clients and staff.


Home Health RN Supervisor &
Lead Case Manager


My background is ICU and adult medical specialties and working with our nation’s Veterans. I am the primary case manager for all of our private duty cases and coordinates all aspects of onboarding and maintenance of cases. I take great pride in my work and have an open-door policy. I’m accessible and easily approachable — never more than a phone call away for even the smallest question or concerns.


Human Resources


Hello! I’m looking forward to working with you and assisting you in getting your application and onboarding completed so you can get to work quickly! I’ve been working with nurses for about 8 years now at ACCS and am a CNA myself. I’ll help you stay up to date on your credentials and required documentation, even after you’re hired. I will also work with you on getting your timeslips in for payroll processing.