6 Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing Career for You and Your Family

When you have a family, there are extra things to consider when choosing a career path. This is especially true when you are a nurse. Nursing is a demanding career and can sometimes overtake priorities. How can you choose the best nursing career for you and your family?

1. Decide What Benefit Is Most Important For Your Family

First, you need to decide what your family goals are right now. Does this season in life mean you need to pursue a high salary job even if it means less family time? Or is a lower paying, but less demanding and time consuming career what your family needs at this time? While choosing a career path is important, remember what works in one part of your life may not work for another. Focus on what’s in front of you right now.

2. Explore Flexible Options

As any parent can tell you, life with kids can be unpredictable and busy. Most families need the option of flexibility in their lives, especially when both parents work. There are many nursing positions today that offer more flexibility than the traditional 12-hour shift. Try checking out some home health nursing positions.

3. Search Out Family-Friendly Employers

Understandably, nurses must be singularly focused on their job when they are working. However, some employers go the extra mile to enable you to put family first. When you are trying to balance a career with a family, search out employers who are known to be family-friendly.

4. Ask Other Nurses

Who better to understand your situation but a fellow nurse with a family? Talk with your colleagues who are in a similar situation as yourself and see what they recommend. Even if you don’t take their advice, it can be nice to talk it out with someone who has been in your shoes.

5. Research Different Nursing Careers and Positions

Conduct your own research on the jobs available in your area. Search job boards and social media for recommendations and advice. When you find an employer you wish to work for, study their company to make sure it will be a good fit.

6. Decide Where You Want to Work

In what atmosphere do you thrive? From doctor’s offices to hospitals, there are many different places a nurse can work. Where do you do your best work? What place energizes you and allows you to be the most successful? Being happy at work has a direct effect on your family (not to mention your health).

One of the benefits of the nursing profession is that the jobs and opportunities within the profession are wide and varied. You can find the perfect job for you and your family!