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5 Nursing Skills Employers are Looking For

How does a skilled nurse set themselves apart? What unique skills can help you land a job or earn a promotion you have your heart set on? Here are five nursing skills that make a positive impression on employers looking for their next hire.

Nursing Skill #1: Know Your Technology

Of course, nurses already have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the technology they are required to use on a daily basis, but try being ahead of the curve. According to the University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions, expanding your tech-savvy abilities can make you an appealing addition. Their findings state that nurses who have advanced knowledge of the most up to date systems, programs, and machinery can reduce preventable injuries, reduce medical errors, and improve the health care experience for patients.

Nursing Skill #2: Be a Team Player

Kathleen Stone of the RN Network says, “Nurses who work well in teams can also do a great job leading teams. The best supervisors know that. Even though nursing shifts are long and tiresome, try to help your coworkers and bosses whenever you can, even if it’s something as simple as running an errand or grabbing a snack for someone who’s extra busy.” Your supervisor will appreciate your willingness to take a few undesirable shifts or reach out to coworkers when they are having a tough time. The healthcare field thrives on solid teamwork.

Nursing Skill #3: Compassion

Compassion may be the most important skill you can have as a healthcare professional. Your empathy toward an ungrateful patient, your attitude toward an exhausted coworker, and your helpfulness offered to an overwhelmed superior will not only make you shine, but will have a positive effect on your own outlook. Kindness also has a way of spreading, which is great news for those around you each day.

Nursing Skill #4: Self-Motivation

Being someone who kicks yourself into high gear without having to be pushed or prodded along can go a long way toward making yourself invaluable. If others are constantly reminding you to complete tasks and forcing you to the finish line, you will soon find you’re left behind. Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has a list of nursing core performance standards and capabilities and emotional intelligence. Under self-motivation, these qualities are listed:

  • Learn how to improve performance.
  • Pursue goals beyond what’s required or expected.
  • Persist in seeking goals despite obstacles and setbacks.

If these statements don’t reflect your current work ethic, start by setting a few small goals and working to achieve them. Once you see you’re capable of accomplishing small goals, your self-motivation will improve and others will take notice.

Nursing Skill #5: Positivity

Nursing can be a stressful career to say the least. Long shifts, minimal sleep, and life or death situations can put the hardiest professional on edge over time. A positive attitude that is crisis-proof is a healing balm in a stressful environment.

Continue finding ways to expand your learning. Never lose the passion that made you choose the profession in the first place.

Using these tips to fine tune your own nursing skills will make you a more viable candidate for any nursing position you desire.

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